Malana - II HE Project (100 MW), Himachal Pradesh

  • Operation of 100 MW (2 x 50 MW) Malana – II Hydroelectric Power Plant in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Complete services and maintenance works pertaining to Operation and Maintenance of Hydro Project is being executed by BOMSPL.
  • Repair & Maintenance of Civil works including Project Roads, Substation, Dam Area works for 100 MW Malana – II Hydrolectric Power Project in O&M phase.
  • Achieving generation more than desired level and less down time with innovative Preventive Maintenance & maintaining critical spares.
  • Annual Capital Maintenance of Civil works including Head Race Tunnel, Pressure Shaft, Surge shaft. Intense leakages were treated by BOMSPL in extreme weather conditions in operational project.

Sainj HE Project (5 MW), Himachal Pradesh

  • Annual Maintenance of Surge Shaft, Head Race Tunnel of Sainj (5 MW) Hydroelectric project.

Teesta Stage - III HE Project (1200 MW), Sikkim

  • Consultancy services pertaining to Operation of 1200 MW Teesta – III Hydroelectric Power Plant in state of Sikkim.